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Mortgage Brokers Save Thousands of dollars!

Mortgage brokers arrange mortgages with the lowest rates available (sometimes more than 1% off the posted rate the major banks offer). These discounted mortgage rates are then guaranteed while you get acquainted with the Kitchener Waterloo real estate market so that if interest rates go up, your old rate remains the same. If rates decrease, your new mortgage rate is re-locked and protected once again. This service can save you thousand of dollars!

Mortgage brokers can also explain different options that will save you even more money such as the RRSP plan for first time buyers, minimum down payment features and the benefits of paying your mortgage off with bimonthly installments. Mortgage brokers can often save clients from unnecessarily spending thousands of dollars; however, to fully take full advantage, clients need to be proactive in setting up some of these steps and not wait until the last moment.

The best part is that mortgage brokers offer their services for free and there's no obligation. The mortgage broker submits your application to several banks at once and they all offer their very best terms and rates right away as they know they're competing with several other banks. If you're currently browsing the Kitchener Waterloo real estate market, click here for detaiils on how to receive a free, no obligation pre-approval.




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